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Natural History Museum Traveling Outreach Programs, 1988-1989
The Natural History Museum 1988-1989 "The Natural History Museum at College of the Atlantic is open to visitors during the academic year by reservation only. The Museum offers many unique learning opportunities through its exhibits. Find out how a small oil spot killed the off-shore Razorbill; Encounter a Black Bear tolerating a swarm of bees to get to the honey; Discover how Atlantic Puffins set up home on the rocky coast of Maine. FIELD TRIPS The Natural History Museum at College of the Atlantic sponsors participatory outreach programs for schools, colleges, museums, and other organizations during the academic year. Our traveling programs include: Whales-on-Wheels When you request our Whales-on-Wheels program, you accept the challenge of fitting together a 20-foot-long jigsaw puzzle: the backbone of a Minke Whale. Whales-on-Wheels requires a room at least 30 feet long with movable desks and chairs. Birds-on-Wings How do owls fly noiselessly? Why do birds migrate? You will explore these and other questions when you schedule our traveling collection of wings, feathers, skulls, mounts, and study skins. Through participatory activities, participants will study bird behavior, adaptations, and predator-prey relationships. The Naugahyde Whale ... is a 10-foot-long foam and fabric replica of a Pilot Whale. Unzip its skin to reveal removable muscles, bones, and organs, and then put it back together. [show more]
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The Natural History Museum (1982 brochure)
An illustrated informational brochure from 1982 describing the Dorr Museum's summer programs, traveling exhibits, relationships with cooperating institutions, and general visitor information.