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A Human Ecology Film, November 11, 2020
"This piece is a commentary on the many different and shifting facets of our life in 2020. In short, we try to create this commentary by juxtaposing all the things that are happening at this moment in time. To do this we’ve overlaid videos that we’ve taken around College of the Atlantic campus and Acadia with found footage, poetry we wrote, and piano improvised for this specific video." -Isaiah Osborn
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Cēsu Pluriversitāte: (un)learning through the landscape, June 28, 2020
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JNGPBOEOjTA&t=2296s
In the midst of the current climate (COVID) our orbit has become smaller, but not less valuable. Limitations can bring to the surface observations that would not have been visible before. The familiar paths within the neighborhood hold unnoticed details, questions, and knowledge. Landscapes consist of natural and human shaped relics that mark human values and skills. However, the familiar sometimes feels so known that we stop observing the way new landscapes draw curiosity. Can we unlearn the knowledge that clouds our minds for new thinking? When we aim for a deeper connection with the outer we can also better understand the inner landscape. They are inseparable and by changing one - we shape both. [show more]